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CANAI was initially incorporated in Hong Kong and subsequently integrated into a transnational and hightech conglomerate. It is a company that deals with research and development, production and services. CANAI has a strong cultural tradition and remarkable achievement in technology. It is regarded as a role model in the corporate world, integrates with great moral integrity and love.



Customer Reviews

“​I wore Canai He&ME Spectrum more than two years. To tell the truth, at first I did not wear it every day, especially in the summer because of hot weather. Then left lumbar pain immediately told that I must put on a Canai He&ME Spectrum. So I insisted on wearing for two years, my back pain problems have disappeared. I basically had no hair on the head before and nearly bald.

Many relatives and friends have recommended to me what supplements will help to grow hair. I tried, but did not work. One day I went to the barber’s, the barber told me there is a lot of new hair on my head. I can not believe my ears. Thank you very much Canai He&ME Spectrum. Thanks to my wife to let me know have and wear Canai He&ME Spectrum.”

Li Xiu Jie


“I am a national first level actor, the Chinese Musicians Association member, a member of eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth CPPCC in Shantou City, famous performing artist. I acted in many TV and movie filming and hosted with the CCTV show hostess Dong Qing many times.

I used to have a great beer belly and is obvious when wearing a suit, looks not good on stage. Since 2009 Chinese New Year, I started to wear Men’s Spectrum Girdle. After a short period, my stomach becomes smaller, back straight, and looks very good on the stage. Even people who know me are surprised! Thanks Canai He&ME Spectrum!”

Liang Guo Rong


“I wore Canai He&ME Spectrum since the end of 2009. Just putting it on for ten minutes, my stomach started to passage gas and felt very hungry. I kept eating every day and worried to gain weight again. But with the encouragement of the teacher, I still insisted on wearing for some time. During this time my waist was much thinner.

Before I wore XL or even XXL, but now L. Flat and sagging buttocks are upturned. Until now, I have lost a total of 30 kilos. Hyperplasia phenomenon has also improved. My shoulders often need massage. In several months in autumn and winter I don’t need massage any more. Thanks CANAI!”

Mou Ying


“I have been married for five years, and always wanted a baby. I had irregular menstruation, polycystic ovary problems. And my husband had low sperm motility because of work pressure. We had a painful year of treatment, made a lot of effort, but no improvement.

After my husband and I wore the Canai He&ME Spectrum for six months, menstruation didn’t come for a long time. After the test, we discovered I was pregnant. My husband and I were so excited and could not believe our eyes. Then it is confirmed by the test result of hospital. My baby was born. I want to share my joy with everyone.”

Qu Zhilan


“I always had irregular menstruation and there’s no changing after seeking medical inquiry for years. In October 2010 a friend introduced me to wear Canai He&ME Spectrum which can improve microcirculation and physical fitness. So I started to wear it.

Three months later, I began to have regular menstruation. I feel very magical. I like Canai He&ME Spectrum very much after wearing more than two years. Now all the beauticians in our store are wearing Canai He&ME Spectrum, so that everyone can feel the happiness Canai He&ME Spectrum brings to all the consumers. Thanks to my friend, thanks to CANAI!”

Liu Li Yun


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