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CANAI was initially incorporated in Hong Kong and subsequently integrated into a transnational and hightech conglomerate. It is a company that deals with research and development, production and services. CANAI has a strong cultural tradition and remarkable achievement in technology. It is regarded as a role model in the corporate world, integrates with great moral integrity and love.


Since its establishment, CANAI has insisted on serving its customers with high-tech and superior quality products and services. CANAI’s regional development includes Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and officially entered the China market in 2015. It was granted a direct-selling license faster than any other companies in the industry in China. The operations were set up in Australia and the Paris flagship store in France was established in 2017. Moving forward, CANAI plans to expand rapidly across the global market.

CANAI owns its independent Research & Development (R&D) centres and manufacturing factories. The innovative “CANAI Spectrum”  products developed by its R&D team have been awarded numerous internationally patents and healthcare device certificates.

In 2016, Japan’s Infra-red Application Association awarded the Superior Products Recommendation Certification to CANAI Spectrum products. In 2017, the factory in Japan commenced production. Well-known Japanese Master, Mr Yamaguchi Hasegawa was appointed as Chief Design Consultant in CANAI China and Ms Matsuoka Misa as the Assistant Designer. In 2018, CANAI advanced into the new era of AI smart creation with Professor Ronald Fedkiw’s global AI smart professional team of Stamford University.

CANAI focuses on creating a sustainable and long-lasting corporation and aim to be the world top 500 companies. We strive to develop a perfect harmonious partnership with our clients, agents, suppliers and employees. We encourage all our business partners to engage in welfare activities and contribute our effort to create a better society.

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