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Canai gives you Flexibility & Unlimited Opportunity

• Great Financial Rewards

• A Welcome Transformation

• Vast Opportunities

• A Chance To Share, Touch Lives & Make A Difference


At Canai , you will be in a business for yourself and not by yourself. The company and your leader will be part of your network family. You will enjoy direct access to proven methods, marketing tools and network support that will help you in your business.

To start you off, you can improve your basic skills to develop your network through training programmes such as New Distributors Training (NDT), Public Speaking Training (PST) or Team Building Leadership Camp (TBLC), to name a few.

Product trainings including t ailored course and also loaded with health and beauty facts, wellness tips and will tell you all you need to know about Canai  products.

Additionally, as you climb the ladder to success, there will be plenty of system seminars to develop you into a top-notch leader! The System Education, canai systematic and comprehensive training programme is dedicated to the development of human resources.

This programme has been proven to build leaders, whether in terms of personal development, knowledge or other equally pertinent skills.

Apart from that, there will be product brochures and leaflets to assist the building of your business empire. Other sales and promotional activities include online business tools, international sales tools, international technical transfer workshop, product carnivals, road shows, public relation activities as well as product promotions.

Canai also provides you with state-of-the-art meeting boardrooms, meeting rooms and lounges that you may use for discussions and meetings with your network.

At Canai , we have a unique Chinese disciples regulate culture that fosters a sharing and caring culture, underscored by a desire to bring out the best in each other. Canai builds you. To build others!

Come join us today!

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Contact Us

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